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First Home Buyers

SHL Finance is your financial solution, effectively a broker who works with you to obtain financing either to purchase or secure against a property from a financial institution.
There are many variables to consider when looking for a loan to suit you including the maturity, interest rate and method of payment. Our professional team can assist you to navigate the process and secure the loan that is best suited to you.

Investment Loans

An investment plan is one that works toward building your wealth and securing your financial freedom, structured in a specific way that allows you to maximise your assets.
Property is a long-term investment and the SHL Finance team are committed to helping you take steps to secure your future and achieve your goals.

Development Finance

We understand the frustrations faced by developers and our team is experienced in securing the following funding options:

  • Turn key funding
  • Non pre-sales funding
  • Joint Venture funding
  • Mezzanine funding
  • Private / Non-conforming Lenders
  • Commercial Property Finance
  • Repacking Existing Finance Facilities
  • Preferential equity

Commercial Loans

Due to expensive upfront costs and regulatory hurdles, smaller businesses do not typically have direct access to the debt and equity markets for financing purposes. Therefore, they must rely on financial institutions to meet their financing needs. Commercial Loans are renewable loans used to finance a company’s immediate working capital needs. These can be large or small scale and usually operate short-term.

Standard Variable & Fixed Rate Loans

The variable rate loan offers more features and flexibility than a standard loan, so the rate is usually slightly higher. Fixed rate loans are set at a fixed rate for a specified period – usually one to five years. The advantage of a fixed rate loan is it allows you to organise your finances and repayments without the risk of rising interest rates, yet if interest rates drop you forfeit the ability to take advantage of such a drop.

Bridging Loans

A bridging loan may be necessary to cover the financial gap when buying one property before the existing one is sold. This finance is generally secured against your property as you are utilising the equity in your existing property. Usually, bridging loans are short term and more expensive than other types of loans.

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